Words can be powerful if we give them energy. What we wear is a representation of ourselves and shows our personality. That's why there's a story behind my designs which are the B.H.G. Exclusive. They have a special meaning for me, but the item that speaks out to you, might have a different reason on why you can relate, like the Etc. T-Shirt for an example. That shirt represents the people who insist on stamping labels on others and putting them in a box. The reality is, you can be all of those descriptions and more. You are not one dimensional.

My hope is that my store will magically connect and build a community. So many of us are searching for our tribe and some form of a safe haven. I welcome the Bohemians, Hippies, Gypsies, Goddesses, and all Individuals who are just simply unique and are proud of it. 

Allow this store to be one of your many ways of how you like to express yourself.

Boh.Hip.Gyp. is more than an online clothing store, it's a tribe!  


 Peace & Blessings!